al-Mukhtar is Jailed


When Muslim marched, al-Mukhtar was at a village called Khatwaniyya. (al-Balathiri, Ansab al-Ashraf, Vol. 5, p. 214. On p. 449, Vol. 3, of his encyclopaedia titled Mu’jam al-Buldan, Yaqut al-Hamawi says it is one of the suburbs of Babylon, Iraq.)

He came accompanied by his supporters raising a green standard while ‘Abdullah Ibn al-Harith was raising a red one. Having planted his standard at the door of ‘Amr Ibn Harith's house, he said, “I want to stop ‘Amr.” (al-Tabari, Tarikh, Vol. 6, p. 215.)

It became obvious to them that both Muslim and Hani had been killed, and it was suggested to them that they would feel more secure in the company of ‘Amr Ibn Harith, and so they did. Ibn Harith testified that they had both avoided Muslim Ibn ‘Aqil... Ibn Ziyad ordered them jailed after having reviled al-Mukhtar and hit his face with a lance, gouging one of his eyes.(According to p. 253 of his Al-Ma’arif, Ibn Qutaybah, in a chapter dealing with those with deformities, and also on p. 303 of Ibn Habib's Mahbar, ‘Ubaydullah Ibn Ziyad hit al-Mukhtar on the face with his whip, causing him to lose the vision from one of his eyes.)

They remained in prison till Imam al-Husayn, peace be upon him, was martyred. (al-Balathiri, Ansab al-Ashraf, Vol. 5, p. 215.)


Ibn Ziyad ordered Muhammad Ibn al-Ash’ath, (According to p. 331, Vol. 1, of Khalifah's Tabaqat, Muhammad Ibn al-Ash’ath is the son of Qays; his mother is Umm Farwah daughter of Abu Quhafah. He and Mis’ab were killed in 67 A.H./686 A.D. during al-Mukhtar's uprising. This is also stated on p. 206, Part 2, Vol. 2, of Al-Jarh wal-Ta’dil.)

Shabth Ibn Rab’i, al-Qa’qa’ Ibn Shawr al-Thuhli, (On p. 328, Vol. 1, of Khalifah's Tabaqat, his full name is given as al-Qa’qa’ Ibn Shawr Ibn al-Nu’man Ibn Ghanal Ibn Harithah Ibn Abbad Ibn Imri'ul-Qays Ibn ‘Amr Ibn Shayban Ibn Thuhl, a resident of Kufa. This is also stated on p. 137, Vol. 3, of Al-Jarh wal-Ta’dil.)

Hijar Ibn Abjar, (On p. 84, Vol. 6, of al-Tabari's Tarikh, the author indicates that he was Christian, and that he died in 40 A.H./661 A.D.)

Shimr Thul-Jawshan, and ‘Amr Ibn Harith to surrender and to discourage people from rebelling. (Ibn al-Athir, Al-Kamil, Vol. 4, p. 12.)


A number of men, who were controlled by fear, responded positively to his call in addition to others who coveted rich rewards and were thus deceived, whereas those whose conscience was pure went underground, waiting for an opportunity to launch an attack on the camp of falsehood.





Ove knjige su samo jedno skromno djelo. To je prica o putovanju i velikom otkricu, ali ne onom kao u tehnickim ili prirodnim naukama, nego otkricu u polju religije i filozofije. Posto je svaki pronalazak zasnovan, prvenstveno na zdravoj pameti i jasnom razumijevanju - po cemu se ljudi i razlikuju od drugih stvorenja - ove knjige su posvecene svakoj zdravoj pameti. Pameti koja stavlja istinu na provjeru i razlikuje je od zla koje lezi u zabludi.Pameti koja procjenjuje sve sto je receno po mjerilu pravde i uvijek daje prednost logici. Pameti koja poredi rijeci i kazivanja i posjeduje sposobnost da razlikuje izmedju logicnog i onog sto nije bas logicno - da razlikuje izmedju jasnog i zbunjujuceg.



A call for good faith

O brothers, until when will this disagreement last? What are these enmities and hatred for? Allah, the One and Only, is the Lord of us all. Islam is our religion. The holy Qur'an is the Book of all of us. The Kaaba is our Qiblah. The master of the prophets and the last of the messengers Muhammad bin Abdullah is our Prophet. His sayings and doings are our Sunna. The daily five prayers, fasting Ramadan, zakat and hajj are our obligations.

The permissible things are the things that Allah and His Messenger have permitted and the impermissible things are the things that they have prohibited. The truth is what they have determined as the truth and the untruth is what they have rejected. The guardians of Allah and His Messenger are our guardians and the enemies of Allah and His Messenger are our enemies. The day of Resurrection will come no doubt and Allah will resurrect the dead from their graves

“ that He rewards those who do evil, according to their deeds, and He rewards those, who do good, with what is best” (Qur’an 53:31).